Nick Hutson was raised on a farm in west Tennessee  approximately halfway between Nashville and Memphis.  He was lucky to have been surrounded by a large extended  family – his parents, grandparents, a sister, lots of aunts  and uncles, cousins, etc. His primary musical influences  came from the radio and the church. Nick attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where he studied Chemical Engineering. He went on to  eventually earn his PhD, also in Chemical Engineering,  from the University of Michigan. Nick has spent his entire  professional career in the environmental field and has  worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for  more than 20 years. 

Nick purchased his first mandolin about 20 years ago as a way of honoring his great grandmother who came from a musical family ... but had to sell her mandolin as a young  girl due to financial hardship. He took some lessons and learned some simple chords before career and parenting got  in the way. He put down his mandolin, his guitar, and his  musical interests to focus on other things. However, in the  past few years, Nick has rekindled his musical interests and  has found his voice ... as a singer and as a songwriter.